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men's Binding — Three dimensional performance


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MODEL 368415

The support you need, the flex you want, and the comfort you deserve—The Hologram is a feature-loaded binding for the innovative freestyle rider. Built with ShadowFit technology for intuitive mobility with the support of the Kevlar Quickwire for assured stability, combined with the new Locked Up toe strap and canted footbed for a lighter and more comfortable package.


  • + HIGHBACK Hologram
    • Hologram

      This new asymetrical highback features the most ergonomical design to provide ultimate comfort and connection with your board. Keeping the integrated forward lean and hiback rotation concept, unique to ShadowFit.

  • + FLEX Medium
    • Medium

  • + FLEX # Flex: 6
    • Flex: 6

  • + BASEPLATE Shadow Fit baseplate, Universal Disc, IMS, ADJ Toe Ramp, Composite 45%
    • Shadow Fit baseplate

      3 piece baseplate featuring a unique flexible heel loop and completely anatomical fit to provide intuitive mobility without sacrificing performance. The result is an ultralight binding that allows you’re whole kit to flex together.

    • Universal Disc

      Ultimate compatibility with all existing mounting systems on the market. Avaialble on all models $199 and up.

    • IMS

      Integrated Mounting System (IMS) is Salomon’s patented trick for keeping your disc screws in place while adjusting your bindings or swapping out boards.

    • ADJ Toe Ramp

    • Composite 45%

      All the benefits of polyamide material but 20% more responsive.

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  • + PADDING Canted Footbed, Air Bed, SCS + Full EVA
    • Canted Footbed

      Instantly add pop power and extra edge control to your riding with our 2.5° canted footbed. Easy on the knees and no loss of board-feel.

    • Air Bed

      Air bags in the heel area work alongside dual density EVA to provide our best dampening system.

    • SCS + Full EVA

      Integrated injected platform with EVA cushioning pads. Blends instant transmission with great dampening.

  • + STRAPS 3D Asym Supreme Ankle Strap, Locked-Up Toe Strap, Micro Max Straps Adjustments
    • 3D Asym Supreme Ankle Strap

      Asymetrical shape to increase the support on the outside and tweakability on the inside while keep a perfect anatomical shape to prevent any pressurepoint : all day comfort with no compromise in performance.

    • Locked-Up Toe Strap

    • Micro Max Straps Adjustments

      Fast and precise micro adjustments let you optmize the straps centering on your boot for maximum comfort and support

  • + RATCHET PowerGlide Aluminum Buckle
    • PowerGlide Aluminum Buckle

      3Axis gemoetry incorporating a new shape to provide the best of lightweight and quick and powerful cranking with a buttery realase.