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men's Binding — Famed Functionality


  • L35322900 arcade 1
  • L35323000 arcade 1
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MODEL 353230

When our team is in a pinch, this is the binding they grab. Minnesota parking lots and Alaskan heli pads have seen the fury of the Arcade. 3D Supreme Strap, Lock-In Deluxe Toe Strap, ergonomic fit, and a bombproof baseplate make it one of the most versatile and reliable bindings out there.


  • + HIGHBACK HB Filter, Elasto Fly Back
    • HB Filter

      Exclusive to Salomon. Our unique vibration filtering material absorbs unwanted shock, for less leg and foot fatigue.

    • Elasto Fly Back

      Our lightest highback to date.

  • + FLEX Medium
    • Medium

  • + FLEX # Flex: 6
    • Flex: 6

  • + BASEPLATE IMS, ADJ Toe Ramp, Slasher baseplate, Power Heel Lock, Composite 30%
    • IMS

      Integrated Mounting System (IMS) is Salomon’s patented trick for keeping your disc screws in place while adjusting your bindings or swapping out boards.

    • ADJ Toe Ramp

    • Slasher baseplate

      Lightweight yet strong, the reinforced polyamide materials used in the Slasher baseplate allows for even freestyle flex.

    • Power Heel Lock

      simple heel tab on the back of the heel cup that matches up with the spine on your boots eliminating heel lift

    • Composite 30%

      Get the most out of our bindings. More rigid than our competitor’s low end plastic, more durable and comfortable than aluminum. Performance is maximized,comfort is undeniable.

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  • + PADDING Full EVA
    • Full EVA

      Fullpad cushioning system maximizes comfort while minimizing fatigue

  • + STRAPS Lock-In Deluxe Toe Strap, 3D Supreme Ankle Strap, Micro Max Straps Adjustments
    • Lock-In Deluxe Toe Strap

      All the hold of our Lock-In toe strap with extra comfort

    • 3D Supreme Ankle Strap

      Our 3D strap construction is super soft and padded out for a maximized cushy feel and has a torsional flex for support with no pressure points. One squeeze and you’ll be hooked.

    • Micro Max Straps Adjustments

      Fast and precise micro adjustments let you optmize the straps centering on your boot for maximum comfort and support

  • + RATCHET Viper Aluminum Buckle
    • Viper Aluminum Buckle

      Increased ratchet throw gets you a deeper grip with less effort, so your straps go on lightening fast. Quick and easy to release, nothing but smooth sailing strap adjustment with the Viper's new three point hinge mechanism and easy grip shape.