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womens's Boot — POWER MOVES


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MODEL 363071

Treat your tootsies like they deserve to be treated and slide into the cutting edge of women’s specific boot design. The Moxie STR8JKT is packed with high tech features like our HALO 3 Liner to ensure warmth all over, and the Powerlock Pro Lacing system has been coupled with the STR8JKT ankle harness for maximum heel-hold. The Moxie brings first class comfort and lasting warmth, so you can get into the air and log those frequent flyer miles.


  • + FOOTBED Mystic Footbed Level 3
    • Mystic Footbed Level 3

      RELIEF THROUGH REFLEXOLOGY: The only antimicrobial footbed in snowboarding that increases blood circulation, prevents fatigue and embodies natural healing from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. Better smelling feet are one step away with Mystic's Bamboo based anti-microbial powers.

  • + FEATURES HALO 3 LINER, Heel Grip, ANKLE GUARDS, Wash & Wear
    • HALO 3 LINER

      Designed specifically for women from the sole up, the HALO Liners guarantee the best fit, softest touch, and extra toasty warmth where women need it, in two exclusive levels. All day warmth and comfort, for women's feet.

    • Heel Grip

      Specific Cat-Tongue material at the heel side, your socks are perfectly gripped into the boots for increased heel-hold.


      Removable ankle inserts located on the liner that will let you adjust your ideal heel hold.

    • Wash & Wear

      Wash it, just like your favorite T. New process using new materials & specific construction that doesn’t necessitate glue thus making the liner easy to wash.

  • + FLEX Medium
    • Medium

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  • + FLEX # 7
    • 7

      Heavy duty Freestyle flex!

    • ELIXIR

      Developped exclusively for our women's high end boots: Kiana & Moxie. We aimed to the top with increased value of its design and technologies: Inspired by the Trinity and Lo-Fi technologies, we developped a high traction yet flexible, with high schock absorption features outsole, which also offers a dynamic and high board feel ride. Get the best!

    • STR8JKT

      Lock you feet down with supreme comfort—STR8JKT features an additional inner heel harness for a no-heel lift ride and optimal comfort.


      A Salomon standard, redefined. The soul of our well known lacing system has been given a new lease of life with the bombproof criss cross locker on the tongue and anti-catch hooks on the upper. A truly powerful and easy system that can handle anything on the moutain.