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unisex Binding — The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

Fr. 189.0

  • L35321900 rhythm 1
  • L35322000 rhythm 1
  • L35322100 rhythm 1
  • L35322200 rhythm 1
  • L35322300 rhythm 1
  • L35322400 rhythm 1
  • L35457800 rhythm 1
  • L35457900 rhythm 1
  • L35458000 rhythm 1
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MODEL 355369

Who doesn't like a Gloria Estefan reference? Either way, she was right. With every color of the rainbow to match your kit, Smoothcranck rachets, 3D Prime Ankle Straps, and Lock-In Toe Straps, you won't miss a beat on the hill... or the dance floor.


  • + HIGHBACK HB Filter, Freeframe
    • HB Filter

      Exclusive to Salomon. Our unique vibration filtering material absorbs unwanted shock, for less leg and foot fatigue.

    • Freeframe

      Frame your game. Lightweight, with tool-free adjustment, our ergonomically shaped Freeframe highback gives your boots and bindings the best fit possible.

  • + FLEX Soft
    • Soft

  • + FLEX # Flex: 3
    • Flex: 3

  • + BASEPLATE Zone baseplate, IMS, Optimix 30/45, ADJ Toe Ramp
    • Zone baseplate

      Boarding basic. Durable and easy to fit, available in three sizes-the Zone baseplate is easy to use, easy to ride.

    • IMS

      Integrated Mounting System (IMS) is Salomon’s patented trick for keeping your disc screws in place while adjusting your bindings or swapping out boards.

    • Optimix 30/45

      For increased response and durability, we’ve loaded the heelcup with 45% glass fiber reinforced polyamide.

    • ADJ Toe Ramp

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  • + PADDING Dual Layer EVA Pads
    • Dual Layer EVA Pads

      Lighter than ever, this 2-layer pad combines the dampening properties of EVA and the responsiveness of 3D molded polymers.

  • + STRAPS Lock-In Toe Strap, Toolfree Straps Adjustments, 3D Prime Ankle Strap
    • Lock-In Toe Strap

      Don't cup the toe of your boots, lock it in. Our upgraded, cored out Lock-In Toe strap grips your boot better than any crappy cap.

    • Toolfree Straps Adjustments

      Just that: easy length adjustment on the fly with no tools needed.

    • 3D Prime Ankle Strap

      The 3D Prime features 3D construction that matches our boot’s tongues. Creating even, seamless contact with your boot no matter how loose, or tight you buckle ‘em down.

  • + RATCHET Smooth Crank Aluminum Buckle
    • Smooth Crank Aluminum Buckle

      Forget messing around with your buckles all day, Smooth Crank ratchets have a super deep throw, with a three point hinge and powerfully smooth adjustment.