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unisex Binding — Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme

Fr. 189.0

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MODEL 368398

The tech and comfort you demand at the price you desire. Not only does it come in every color of the rainbow, its components have been beefed up for performance including 3D Supreme Ankle Straps, canted footbed, and Composite Buckles to keep you locked in from dusk to dawn.


  • + HIGHBACK HB Filter, Freeframe
    • HB Filter

      Exclusive to Salomon. Our unique vibration filtering material absorbs unwanted shock, for less leg and foot fatigue.

    • Freeframe

      Frame your game. Lightweight, with tool-free adjustment, our ergonomically shaped Freeframe highback gives your boots and bindings the best fit possible.

  • + FLEX Soft
    • Soft

  • + FLEX # Flex: 3
    • Flex: 3

  • + BASEPLATE Universal Disc, Zone baseplate, IMS, ADJ Toe Ramp, Composite 30%
    • Universal Disc

      Ultimate compatibility with all existing mounting systems on the market. Avaialble on all models $199 and up.

    • Zone baseplate

      Boarding basic. Durable and easy to fit, available in three sizes-the Zone baseplate is easy to use, easy to ride.

    • IMS

      Integrated Mounting System (IMS) is Salomon’s patented trick for keeping your disc screws in place while adjusting your bindings or swapping out boards.

    • ADJ Toe Ramp

    • Composite 30%

      Get the most out of our bindings. More rigid than our competitor’s low end plastic, more durable and comfortable than aluminum. Performance is maximized,comfort is undeniable.

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  • + PADDING Canted Footbed, Full EVA
    • Canted Footbed

      Instantly add pop power and extra edge control to your riding with our 2.5° canted footbed. Easy on the knees and no loss of board-feel.

    • Full EVA

      Fullpad cushioning system maximizes comfort while minimizing fatigue

  • + STRAPS Lock-In Toe Strap, 3D Supreme Ankle Strap, Toolfree Straps Adjustments
    • Lock-In Toe Strap

      Don't cup the toe of your boots, lock it in. Our upgraded, cored out Lock-In Toe strap grips your boot better than any crappy cap.

    • 3D Supreme Ankle Strap

      Our 3D strap construction is super soft and padded out for a maximized cushy feel and has a torsional flex for support with no pressure points. One squeeze and you’ll be hooked.

    • Toolfree Straps Adjustments

      Just that: easy length adjustment on the fly with no tools needed.

  • + RATCHET Composite Buckle
    • Composite Buckle